Course Content
Before the Course
It includes video clips explaining why the course was made, how to start, how to use the content of the course for the maximum benefit, and also how to finish the course and evaluating your performance and improvement.
Multiplication Specialisation : Part – 1
Subtraction Specialisation
Don't subtract even if you are asked to do so. Left to right new way of doing subtraction.
Multiplication Specialisation : Part – 2
Performance Evaluation
Vedic Math Plus
About Lesson

Before watching any video clip of an explanation of topics, you are advised to attempt the test. It is comprising of 40 questions of two marks each. A maximum of 80 marks may be scored. There is negative marking also. One mark is deducted for each wrong or Un attempted question. The time allotted for each problem is 20 seconds, therefore, the whole test should finish in 800 seconds i.e. 13 minutes and 20 seconds. Be strict with the time schedule to measure the actual improvement.

You evaluate yourself before starting the course.

NOTE: You can watch 4 videos of this section i.e. “BEFORE THE COURSE” available in

  • Overview of the course,
  • Content of the course
  • How to deal with Present and Final Level Tests
  • A glance at the Study Material of the Course.

These may help you in attempting and evaluating the course.

Only then, go for video explanations: Trick by Trick and attempt all exercises.
At the end of this course, again, a similar evaluation will be done, and you will feel the difference.

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