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We deeply believe in step-by-step improvement therefore the courses are designed with holistic approach to compliment visual as well as logical development


Test all your newly learnt skills with the workbook minutely designed to access you and help you understand each topic in depth


Explaination of any difficult topic in math has never been easier with the topic-by-topic provision of video content provided in each course


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simple solutions for all your “difficult” MATH PROBLEMS!

Are you one of the billions who face problems solving simple calculation problems on a day to day basis. One thing is for sure that these problems were never that difficult that they are made out to be. So, with a simple flick of the wrist or a mental trick even you can solve these problem in a matter of seconds.

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Vedic Student

Solving math problems has never been simpler. Our student focussed courses give you an idea of the beauty of Vedic Math

Vedic Math Plus

Master the world of calculations with one arithmetic operation at a time with a one stop  solution to Vedic Math as we know it

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Valuable Feedback

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what teachers said one workshop:

Techniques are very interesting and useful. I enjoyed very much. Method of teaching was very impressive and very friendly. We enjoyed and learnt alot. Thanks a lot to sir for conducting the session

Rajesh Kumar

Teacher at R.S.V. no.4, Roop Nagar, Delhi

The way of delivering content was excellent. The short-cut methods which we revised/learned would be useful in our teaching. The students will get joy while learning maths. I hope that such sessions would be given more time and I am very thankful.

Ved Prakash

Teacher at G.S.V. Gokhle Marg School, Delhi

This workshop is very useful for us and our students. I have fully enjoyed in this workshop. I have learnt many tricks to solve the critical problems. It was a very interesting session. I am very grateful to you. Thank you sir.

Indu Sharma

Teacher at R.S.V. no.4, Roop Nagar, Delhi


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